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View Maughan Design & Remodel’s portfolio of design and remodel projects in the Portland, Oregon area to get ideas for your next home remodeling project.

Access to the Deck – Living Room Remodel

This living room was enlarged in the 70's when former owners enclosed a porch and added a deck. The very 70's finishes did not fit the rest of the Old Portland home's 1912 style. The project also includes structural upgrades to the deck and an interior bearing wall.

Down Came the Wall – Kitchen Remodel


Two main objectives for this kitchen remodel and living room remodel were to open the space between the kitchen and the living areas, and to bring in outdoor vistas for this country-living family. Small windows, heavy oak cabinets, and bright-and-busy wallpaper completely overpowered the small kitchen and nook. And while [...]

A Better Use of Space – Kitchen Remodel


This 1990's kitchen had a poorly planned layout with a lot of wasted space given to a cramped U-shaped foot print and an awkward walk-in pantry. Removing the pantry as a part of this kitchen remodel gave room for a long island and lots of counter space. Additional room was [...]

Open + Inviting – Kitchen Remodel


Central to the clients' wish list for their new layout as a part of this kitchen remodel was removing the dividing wall all together. And what a difference that made! The new seamless space makes conversation while cooking natural and entertaining a whole lot more fun. How to retain a [...]