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Project Description

Two main objectives for this kitchen remodel and living room remodel were to open the space between the kitchen and the living areas, and to bring in outdoor vistas for this country-living family. Small windows, heavy oak cabinets, and bright-and-busy wallpaper completely overpowered the small kitchen and nook. And while an old-fashioned pass through in the middle of the central wall let the cook see the other spaces, the closed off feeling kept conversation – and togetherness – to a minimum.

Removing the main wall revitalized this home’s livability. The newly integrated space is instantly comfortable, allowing friends to enjoy the cook’s company and inviting family to gather and relax. While the rich glow of cherry cabinets and distressed hickory floors naturally take center stage, walls and counters are muted in gold and tan, and camel backsplash tiles are spiced ever-so-lightly with accents of wine & spruce.

A door added between the kitchen and newly configured utility room creates a mud room transition for kids and pets. And wide rhythms of windows at both the front and back of the home enhance the natural light and accomplish the spacious living this family sought.

Maughan Design provided space planning, color consultation, material selections, construction documents and specifications binders for this project.

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